Raa Bar is a surprising healthy discovery in the city of Aarhus. It has 100% organic food, full of life, in a bright, casual, Nordic atmosphere. Its multicolour dishes are impressive, exceptionally creative and delicious.


The project started two years ago when the owner’s wife, who has always been a vegetarian, thought there weren’t enough creative, current options for vegetarians in the city. That’s why they decided to create one, but they wanted to go one step further and specialise in raw food. Everything they serve is made or cooked under 43ºC to preserve all the nutrients and enzymes contained in the food; processes such as soaking, activation (dried fruit, nuts and seeds), germination (cereals and pulses), macerating or drying are essential and the secret of many of their ground-breaking specialities.

The menu is extensive and as they are open all day long you can find breakfasts with their star product, energy shakes made from fruit, leaves and superfoods, different kinds of dessert and sweet treats that can be eaten anytime, with a large variety of surprising, colourful salads, creative sandwiches and raw hamburgers in between. They also have their own versions of dishes from different cultures, and an impressive tasting option with hundreds of little dishes in all shapes and colours. You can combine any of these specialities with a good collection of organic, biodynamic beers and wines.


We tried the hamburger with all the trimmings, made from buckwheat and germinated lentils, with a varied salad and seed and pepper crackers, and a dish of cashew cheese with herbs and dried potato, beetroot and sweet potato chips; we also had the courgette and carrot linguini with spinach and walnut pesto, and the avocado, grapefruit and cashew salad with a touch of curry. We were impressed by the green shake shot we were given before eating to whet our appetite and prepare the stomach’s enzymes for eating.



The interior is spacious thanks to the high ceilings and big windows, which fill the space with natural light. The style is clearly Nordic, with wooden furniture and the use of fur on all the seats and armchairs. We also liked the decorative touch of placing the boxes from the organic fruit and vegetables used in the dishes around the restaurant. They also have a small corner where they sell basic organic products, especially local products, if you ever needed to buy any essentials quickly. The big windows connect the interior with an intimate public outdoor garden on the banks of the river. During the warm months they have tables outside and blankets on the lawn to eat or have a drink in a more relaxed atmosphere, making the most of sunshine.


The restaurant is located on the banks of one of the rivers that flow through the city, beside one of its cultural hotspots; at the weekends it’s usually open till late, when they offer all kinds of freshly-squeezed fruit juice cocktails with and without alcohol. Very often there is also live music or other kinds of small live shows as the owners like the place to have movement and be lively.

In short, the experience was full of colour, flavour, texture and absolutely delicious combinations; we had never been to a place quite like it. It’s a recommendation for everyone who wants to try new things in relation to healthy cuisine.


Pau Sabater y Clara Balmaña
Pau Sabater y Clara Balmaña