Fish and shellfish, natural wines and local produce at an excellent price for Denmark

Fiskebar was created in 2010 by Anders Selmer who wanted to create a restaurant that would offer the best local shellfish and fish. He gets it directly from fishermen he knows personally at a much more reasonable price in comparison with the average price in the city so that everyone can give it a try. He also wanted it to be informal and elegant so that everyone would feel welcome.


Kødbyens Fiskebar
Star Product: Oysters
Suitable for: celiacs
Average Price: 30 €
Contact:  Flæsketorvet 100, 1711 København, Denmark
Tel.: +45 32 15 56 56
Open every day except sunday.

The restaurant is just 10 minutes from the centre and it might be a bit tricky to get a table, but once you’re in you quickly see it’s quite special. It is spacious and decorated in a very minimalist Nordic style which contrasts sharply with modern elements and worn down historic pieces. The restaurant has different spaces and curious pieces, for instance a gigantic cylindrical fish bowl, which will keep you entertained even after you’ve discovered them all.

Small tables surrounded by leather sofas take up one part of the restaurant; there are other, more conventional tables with seats beside the large windows. If you don’t want to sit down at a table or you just want to have a glass of wine and a small bite to eat, you can sit on a high stool at the large, beautiful central bar counter, where you’ll have an excellent view of the whole space. At the other end, beside the door to the kitchen, there is a large work table where the head fisherman cuts and prepares the specialities of the day with great care for everyone to see. Finally, there is a terrace outside with comfortable chairs and small tables so you can enjoy the sun. Natural light floods the restaurant thanks to the mirrors, large windows and the ceiling height. All this combined with boundless excellent service will make you feel at home instantly.


The tasting menus are spectacular and change according to the market; the extensive menu contains fish and shellfish specialities. You’ll find raw and cooked options, always accompanied with local, seasonal produce. Fish dishes will depend on the time of year and the catch of the day; you should ask for recommendations as they always have a surprise on offer. Oysters are their speciality and they’re included in different dishes for all tastes.

If you like good wine, you’ll love to know that it’s a big priority for them as the restaurant is also a night-time bar and they constantly aim to only serve the best. They have an impressive selection of natural wines; we’re sure you’ll love them. They told us that they even know most of the owners personally.

The menu ends with half a dozen desserts which are creative due to the use of ingredients and their originality. Don’t fill up too much as they’re worth a try.


We tried a dish containing two textures of turbot with shrimps and smooth lemon sauce, golden haddock with new Danish potato mash and a nettle vinaigrette, the green salad, all washed down with some Bassotets, an excellent biodynamic wine from Conca de Barberà. It was a real surprise to find a wine from Catalonia; we were told that it’s a big seller due to its big personality. We finished off the meal with a heavenly dessert made from mango, chocolate and liquorice: a real explosion of flavours and textures. In this restaurant you’ll find simply cooked top quality fish; the basis of their success is using the best produce they can find.

You can have lunch from 12 noon in calm, informal surroundings; for dinner you can go from 5 pm to experience the night-time ambience with less light and more music, when wine and cocktails take centre stage.

If you’d like to experience Danish seafood as if you were a local, Fiskebar has to be on your to do list when you’re in Copenhagen.


Pau Sabater y Clara Balmaña
Pau Sabater y Clara Balmaña